About us

About us

Who are we ?

Dédicace Software is a system integrator and hardware solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

We also provide installation, supervision and complete maintenance of the information system.

Whether you are a company or a professional, we are able to bring you our expertise and identify your needs and requirements to provide you with a tool that meets your expectations.

What are our values ?

A company can not exist without solid and serious foundations. Dédicace Software has opted for an internal policy that promotes human values in order to allow the full development of its team.

Our Code of Ethics defends those values to which we are particularly committed: we strive to respect moral values and human dignity.

More generally we refuse to intervene on any server or site whose content is in violation of intellectual property rights and copyright (texts, images, videos, trade secrets, internal or confidential information, etc.), laws and regulations in force.

In addition, for reasons of strict neutrality, no political, religious or military content will be managed by Dédicace Software.

What is our added value?

In order to respond in the best possible way to your expectations, Dédicace Software has registered as an official partner directly with the publishers and / or designers of the solutions that we offer.

This cooperation makes it possible to treat all the dossiers in a very detailed and very concrete way, to obtain the opinion of experts in each field of competence.

We have our own equipment for testing and simulations in real conditions, as well as all the skills required to perform our missions such as development, engineering, study, ...